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Ron Drake Statement In Response To Dr. Orentlicher's Concession

The primary and subsequent recount are finally over. I now hope to be certified by the Indiana Recount Commission as the winner of the May 3, 2016 Democratic Party Primary for Congress from the 8th Congressional District. I will await that certification before declaring victory.

It has been a long and hard fought campaign and recount. I thank my primary opponent, Dr. David Orentlicher, for the thoughtfulness and generosity expressed in his call to me and in his concession statement. I marvel at his intellect. I welcome his endorsement and look forward to his support in the fall campaign as we advance the hopes and dreams of our fellow citizens here in the 8th Congressional District, and across the land.

Our people are in pain. It is true. Wall Street soars to new heights. Main Street suffers. Coal miners see their long promised retirement and medical care imperiled. Wall Street soars. Many among us dreamed of a long career of ever ascending success. For many, those dreams are now but an ephemeral memory. And Wall Street soars.

I have devoted a life-time to representing the less fortunate among us. Whatever the outcome of this fall’s election, I expect to continue to stand against the powerful for those without power. It is time now for new ideas grounded in past successes of former Democratic presidents. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal rescued this nation from the Great Depression. He won the war against tyranny. I look there for guidance and hope.

Ron Drake - (202) 682-0223 / (202) 365-8262 (cell)

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